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Policies/Questions at Cowpet Bay East Tara

Guest Expectations

Our condo association requires a minimum stay of five consecutive days and a maximum of two adults (age 24 minimum) and 3 children for the one-bedroom rental.  No smoking, pets or event hosting is allowed.   The association would, of course, prefer to rent to responsible guests who are looking to relax and have fun, but are not looking to excessively party, make a mess or generate a lot of noise.  Cowpet Bay East is a quiet community made up of friendly professionals who value the complex's quiet and beautiful ambiance.  Loud, boisterous guests who disrupt this environment do not go over well! 

We would expect that guests respect these conditions, keep and leave the unit clean and create a great experience for everyone.  If there are any damages you would be responsible for them.  

What We Provide

We will provide all of the bedding and towels that you should need.  We do not provide laundry services, but there is a new washing machine and dryer in the unit.  We provide trash bags and cleaning supplies.  We will provide soaps and shampoos but of course you may want to bring your own.  We provide pots, pans, silverware, etc.  There is also a dishwasher in the kitchen along with detergent.


We have several sets of snorkel gear, small coolers, a beach umbrella and some easily-carried beach chairs so you should not have to rent very much.   


We have a business-grade wifi system with multiple access points so coverage is excellent.


This is a significant financial commitment and we encourage verification of our credentials.  Below are some references to check should you want to do that.  These references can be independently verified via a Google search and then they have agreed to be contacted to verify our status.

Empire Boat Charters - Sean Livie - Phone 340- 998-8265

(Highly-recommended Day Charters and our next-door neighbor in #5 and Cowpet Bay East)

Sea Glass Properties - Landon Bunn - Phone 360-660-7398

(Top realtor on-island and the realtor for our condo)

The Ideal Stay

The ideal stay in our opinion would be as follows.  You would schedule your dates and pay your fee and security deposit.  When you arrive on the island you would take a taxi (about $25/person) from the airport to Cowpet  Bay East.  All taxis will know how to get here.  We have a wifi front door lock with keypad and you will have the code to get in at any time.  Once you settle inside the unit you would take a quick walk-around video to note the existing conditions.  We will have this in our records as well.  If you have a rental vehicle there are guest spots to park.  You will have the lockbox, wifi and pool access codes. 


If you need recommendations on what to do, where to go or how to get there, we can help!  After a wonderful stay you will have the option to clean the condo and linens or have that done for you through the security deposit.  Right after you depart (11 am), we or our associates will go through the unit, video and take note of the condo condition.  Within a week we will return your deposit depending on how you decided to leave the unit. You will leave with memories to last a lifetime and more than likely a desire to return!

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